Beef Chow Fun Recipe

Beef Chow Fun is common Cantonese Chinese dish stir fried with tender beef, silky rice noodles (ho fun/chow fun), chive/green onion and beansprouts.

The key of delicious beef chow fun is texture. (of course flavor too!)

Silky and succulent noodles and beef makes homemade beef chow fun to another level and I’m about to realize the secret to achieve that result.

I highly recommend to use fresh rice noodles, ho fun for this dish, which you can get easily form your local Asian/Chinese grocery store.

If you can’t, no worries!

You can use dry wide rice noodles. Just soak them in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes before use.

Can’t find Chinese garlic chive?

I have a solution for ya. You can simply substitute to green onion, that works totally fine!

To make beef super duper skill, tender and succulent…

Add a hint of baking soda.

Yes, baking soda.

This is Chinese restaurant’s secret to make any tough meat super tender and succulent! It works all the time!!

You can definitely make this beef chow fun in regular skillet!

But if you are interested in the wok I’m using, check out this!

I got this wok as a gift form my mother in-law, and I’m just in LOVE with this cast iron wok!!

She actually got it from Amazon, and you can buy from there too! Just clic the picture or HERE!

Hope you give this delicious and easy beef chow fun recipe at home!

I promise, you will never ever go back to Chinese restaurant to order this dish..!!!!

Beef Chow Fun Recipe & Video