Cleanse Your Body Of Toxins In 3 Weeks

Cleanse Your Body Of Toxins In 3 Weeks

You will need just two ingredients : Flaxseed flour and  Kefir

What you’ll want to do is consume this instead of breakfast each morning for three weeks.

During the first week, mix 1 tablespoon of linseed flour with 100 ml of kefir.

During week two, mix 2 tablespoons of linseed flour in 100 ml of kefir.

During the third week, mix 3 tablespoons of Flaxseed flour in with 150 ml of kefir. When you make this mixture, take care not to make enough for more than two or three days. The flour spoils relatively quickly when mixed with kefir.

Here are some common signs of an intestinal blockage or build up:

Frequent constipation
disturbed metabolism
hearing and vision problems
excessive or insufficient weight gain
kidney and liver disease
skin, hair, and nail problems
Some forms of cancer

Make sure you also consume at least 2 liters of water per day. You may obtain better results if you drink honey water as well!