Crea Pump BioTech USA

Crea Pump BioTech USA

Ultra-advanced Creatine


Extensive research has shown that oral creatine supplementation effectively improves the maximal force production of muscles in athletes. Scientifically researched CreaPUMP™ is formulated with CreaRAGE™ technology. It ignites a huge creatine blast in your muscles and results in a massive strength increase throughout your training. Engineered on a multi-interval basis, CreaPUMP™ sequentially releases seven types of creatine (including its buffered and micronized forms) into the bloodstream to maintain the increased strength level of your muscles over time.

Creatine Transport with CarboX™

The outstanding effectiveness of CreaRAGE™ is further increased by CarboX™, a carbohydrate blend specifi cally formulated with six different types of carbohydrates for multi-interval creatine transportation directly to the mitochondria of your muscle cells, the very location where ATP is synthesized.

Amino Support Throughout Your Training with aRECOVER™

CreaPUMP™ also features aRECOVER™, a specifi cally designed amino acid blend created with added BCAAs, L-Glutamine and L-Arginine to support accelerated post-workout muscle recovery. With CreaPUMP™ You’re on your way to extreme muscle mass increase with CreaPUMP™.
Available sizes

50g (1 serving)
1000g (20 servings)



Muscle Size

Nitro Gain

Use one serving of CreaPUMP™ in the morning and one serving immediately after training or competition. On non-training days, use one serving in the morning and one in the afternoon. Vary the amount of liquid to achieve the desired flavor and consistency.