Bedtime Drinks To Detox Your Liver As Well As Burn Fat While You Sleep!

Detoxification of your Liver

The process of detoxing occurs at best while we have been asleep for a few hours as it is the time when the entire body begins to repair and create its cells. As mentioned previously, according to Traditional Chinese medicine your liver organ performs at its best capacity between 1am and 3am. Therefore, we need to make sure that there are proper conditions; available in order to have an effective process of detoxing to occur. Among the requirements with regards to the proper process of detoxing is that we have been seriously asleep few hours before the above-mentioned time frame (1am to 3am).

An additional requirement is to make sure that we have; an enough blood as well as body liquids for the detoxing process; so the body is not really overloaded along with harmful ingredients that; are usually released after the process of detoxification. Correct detoxification may also lead to a proper metabolism; which can lead us not only to have a low amount of harmful toxins in our organism; but also it can stimulate faster process of burning body fats for those who wish to control their own body weight.


Drink these beverages before bed to keep your metabolism working through the night.

Whilst being delicious and full of nutrients, certain beverages also have metabolism boosting qualities.

Rose Tea

Rose tea is great for improving sleep quality, it relaxes and detoxifies due the presence of tannins.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is able to soothe and relax the nervous system, it has anti-inflammatory qualities when aid sleep and help digestion.

Schizandra (cherry) Tea

Cherry tea has many detoxifying qualities and help the liver work to the best of its ability to rid the body of toxins.

Mint Green Tea

This is a great metabolism booster, and when taken just before bed will ensure your gut is working round the clock to the best of its efficiency.

Lemon Water

Another great detoxifying drink, this also helps you stay hydrated more effectively than plain water, and a properly hydrated body is the best state for burning calories.

Jujube tea

Hailing from China, this tea is drunk to help burn fat and help the liver detoxify.

Oat Tea

Oat tea is full of nutrients which help the body feel nourished and replenished if you have been cutting down on calories and you need an extra boost.

Lotus (NÉLOMBO) Seeds


  • Drinking fluids while in the Liver detoxification processes as well as fat loss

Something to keep in mind along with detoxification as well as weight loss; is that this process requires considerable amounts of liquids. This is also something which bedtime tea can help along with; all this and thus you will put in more liquid intake on daily basis. Additionally, remember that sufficient sleep is very important for you to have a properly working internal organs. Try to go to bed around eleven o’clock at the evening; and make sure you are in a deep sleep prior to one o’clock after midnight.

You can start to work on changing your bedtime habits for at least one hour and keep this routine for a seven days; or as long as it is necessary until you well enough to make another change; for another one hour and slowly achieve the objective. Remember that this crucial changes within your diet and lifestyle are not going to happen overnight; therefore you should try and adapt as much as possible and be disciplined. However, in order to have all-around good effect for your body, you should not push this process; just remember to take your time and things will start to fall in place naturally in time.

Lotus tea is famous in China for helping reduce stress and anxiety, this is the perfect tea to drink before bed to help you fall into a peaceful slumber.

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