Vape Organics – USDA-Certified Organic, 100% VG E-Liquid

USDA-Certified Organic, 100% VG E-Liquid

Taste the difference

We offer the first USDA-certified organic e-juices, proudly adhering to the highest standards of quality control, cleanliness and transparency. The first certified organic nicotine in the world, exclusive to our e-liquids, is extracted in-house from organic tobacco grown in the USA. All Vape Organics e-liquids are completely free of: propylene glycol, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, and synthetic chemical additives & pesticides.

How do we craft the cleanest-tasting e-juices? Our R&D department works tirelessly to source only the finest quality organic ingredients and our mixologists expertly layer real, plant-based (vegan) extracts for a remarkably true taste. Try the best organic e-juice for a unique vaping experience.

100% VG E-Liquids (PG-Free)

 All of our e-liquids are 100% VG and you won’t find any PG sneaking in through our nicotine or organic flavor extracts, either. PG (propylene glycol), a main ingredient in most e-liquids, is a synthetic petroleum-derived liquid. Our natural, certified organic VG (vegetable glycerin) is custom formulated to ensure it’s the perfect consistency for any type of vape device.

USDA-Certified Organic E-Liquids

Organic you can trust. This seal means all of our ingredients, our manufacturing process and our facility are USDA-certified organic. The integrity of our organic e-liquids is guaranteed through full compliance with federal organic regulations. The USDA’s standards are extremely stringent, placing us in good standing to comply with the FDA’s deeming regulations.

USA-Made E-Liquids

In an era of widespread outsourcing, we are proud to keep all of our operations local. Our California facility boasts an R&D department, three ISO-certified clean rooms, a fully-equipped lab and automated filling machines that can run 50,000 pieces per day… this is where the magic happens.